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Welcome, amazing being, to

Living Life from Love!

Moving from head, to heart

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From self hatred and loathing to joy and love

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From numb and in fear...

to fully self-expressed

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Know you're meant for more?

What's it costing you, to not change?

Ready, to Live Life from Love?

    What's Inside:

  • Why you're not living your highest potential and living from your Heart

  • How to rapidly change the unconscious

    programming that is keeping you stuck and in fear

  • How to become  the person who creates a life you truly love

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    Includes bonus

    daily 'Inner Power'

     guided meditation!

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    Appreciated By ...

    The change in your life begins 

    when you accept how amazing you truly are

    What People Say about Jason

    "Dear Jason, 

    I want to thank you so much for your innate wisdom and pure heart that you continue to share with the fortunate people to be in your alignment.   

    Your guidance is always so perfect and well thought out, and your infinite passion is so precious to me. I have had to go through so much darkness over this lifetime, I am thankful every day that I was drawn to your light. Thank you for shining for the world. We need you right now more than ever. 

    So Much Love, 

    Jacqui Aitken"

    Sian Wilson

    Abbie Morgan

    A process that assisted Sara Lockhart's mom, Gloria, in passing peacefully 

    "I am in gratitude for your end of life recode that helped mom transition in such a beautiful way.

    The practice of allowing the release of the need for breath and recoding the resistance in order to facilitate making that choice I believe was key.

    She had stated that she wanted to simply choose it and I knew that she had done your recode and was ready to make her choice."