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I'm in my hut at Wat Buddha Dhamma, Wisemans Ferry, NSW, Australia.

It's the annual 3 month rains retreat.

A monk for maybe 6 or 7 years at that point,

I'm playing a talk by Brene Brown, titled

'The Power of Vulnerability'

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Here's the bad stuff. Here's vulnerability, here's grief, here's shame, here's fear, here's disappointment.

I don't wanna feel these. I'm gonna have a couple of beers and a banana nut muffin.

I don't wanna feel these.

You can't numb those hard feelings without numbing the other affects or emotions. You cannot selectively numb.

So when we numb those we numb joy, we numb gratitude, we numb happiness, and then, we are miserable and we are looking for purpose and meaning.

So then we feel vulnerable, so then we have a couple of beers and a banana nut muffin. And it becomes this dangerous cycle.

- Brene Brown, 'The Power of Vulnerability'

I heard those words and I said to myself

'That's why!' 

That's why I can't really feel happiness or joy. That's why my psychologist friend says I have 'flat affect'.

That's why, that's why, that's why.


I spent the rest of that Rains Retreat consciously practicing vulnerability,

and I will spend the rest of my life consciously practicing vulnerability.

Heart closed over?

Living life from your head?

I’ve been there.


Don’t want to be in this body?

I’ve been there.


Don’t want to be on this planet?

I’ve been there.


Not feeling safe (even in your own body)?

I’ve been there.


Body out of control, a foreign country, seeming to almost attack you?

I’ve been there.


Feelings of self-loathing?

I’ve been there.


Periods of utter hopelessness and despair?

I’ve been there.

Knowing, deep inside, you have gifts to share with the world and wondering why, oh why,

you haven't become the person you were meant to be and shared those gifts as you long to do...
I've been there!


However you are feeling, please know this:


You are loved.

You are supported.

You are not alone.

You are NOT f*d up and beyond hope.


After my long journey from head to heart, it is literally true that I have cried from pure appreciation, pure gratitude and (truth be told) a feeling of being in contact with a divine ‘goodness’ so overwhelming that the only possible response (at least for me) is tears of bliss.


Please know this:


You ARE amazing.

The sooner you can accept that, the sooner things can change for you.


When you know that you are amazing and that this has nothing - nothing - to do with personality, with achievement or failure, with what you have done or haven't done - you will know that you are far more powerful than you have ever allowed yourself to hope or even imagine.


In truth, not only are you more powerful than you could ever imagine, your heart is more beautiful and the love that is in your heart more amazing than you could hope to believe.

And that love will, when listened to, when felt, express itself in the world through the giving of your unique gifts.

What an amazing honor, to have the skills and the gifts (my zone of genius if you like) to bring out for you just how amazing you truly are!

It’s been a long journey, this journey from head to heart. 20 years and counting. Many years in Buddhist monasteries, training in energy healing (Quantum Touch) and the incredible insight and power of Magnetic Mind Coaching has just confirmed, over and over, my firm belief that humans are amazing and to simply be alive on this planet is a true miracle.


That’s why:


My mission is to create, for you, a safe and loving space in which you can become who you truly are, in your fullest and most amazing potential.


It is your birthright as a human being to be a powerful creator in your own life. You don’t have to change yourself, fix yourself or unf*ck yourself to be that powerful creator. You just have to acknowledge that you are that, and choose it.


That’s all.


When you truly understand this, your victim days are done, your powerless days are over.


Welcome, creator, to the rest of your life.

Working with Me

I create a safe and loving space for your awakening to your own power, your own beauty, your own truth. And I provide a step-by-step guide to taking your first steps to exercise that power.

I create a safe and loving space by being completely authentic and vulnerable.

I am a leader and a mentor.

And I lead from the heart.

From feelings, from embodiment, from the heart’s deep knowing.

(Remember, I was the guy my psychologist friend said had 'flat affect', the guy that was bound up in his head a lot). We all can change, we all can unleash our 'inner amazing' (and oh, doesn't the world need more of that right now...)

By using tools, techniques and understandings from 20 years of studying and deep-diving into the mind and heart, and - by tapping into higher knowing, higher wisdom (which we all have, by the way... ;‑) - I support and guide you step-by-step as you become the powerful, heart-centered, embodied creator you always were. You will learn what it is you truly desire and be able to take the necessary actions to achieve that desire, without the resistance that once would have held you back from creating a life that you love.

And, when you know what you truly want, you also know how you want to make your contribution and give your gifts so that the whole world can benefit.

Transformation Packages

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