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Jaguar logo - Accept You're Amazing

Here is our beautiful jaguar. In Spanish, she is 'otorongo'.

She is the power animal for 'Accept You're Amazing'.

When the Spanish came to South America, the Q'ero people of Peru retreated to their high Andes homes, far away from Spanish influence.

They remained in their remote villages, untouched by the Spanish and by modern life, until the middle of the 20th Century.

They bring us a tradition that is necessary for these modern times, as it brings much healing and connection that is missing in our modern cultures.

I take great inspiration from the Q'ero people and it is my great good fortune to have met and sat in ceremony with Mamacitta Patricia, an elder of the Q'ero people.

It is a testament to how untouched these people were for centuries, that in Sth America, in Peru, Mamacitta Patricia speaks only her native Quechua language and not Spanish.

You can see an image of Mamacitta Patricia below. The man bending down retrieving items from his bag is Jhoel, our spiritual guide in the Andes. We were preparing for a cleansing ceremony conducted by Mamacitta Patricia at Inkilltambo, an ancient power site of the Incan people near Cusco, Peru. 

What the Q'ero people can teach us about jaguar, and why she is the perfect power animal for you.

Imagine a being that has no fear.

There is not one cell of its body that feels fear.

Just allow that for a moment.

Inhale and feel that. 

There is nothing dangerous to you, ever.

Just allow that for at least a moment, as you inhale to expand.

- Ray Crist, Jaguar Path

The Q'ero people have a beautiful, shamanic, ceremony known as opening sacred space. In that ceremony the qualities of the power animals of each of the 4 directions as well as above (Father Sun and Grandmother Moon) and below (Mother Earth, Pachamamma) are invited into the space to assist us.

I pay respect to Ray Crist, founder of Jaguar Path (https://www.jaguarpath.com) for the information that follows.

The animal of the Western direction is jaguar.

In turning to the West, we invite the qualities of jaguar to come and be with us, to assist us.

In the jungles of Peru, jaguar is at the top of the food chain. It never looks behind to see if something is following it.

Nothing eats the jaguar, nothing hunts the jaguar. 

Be with that jaguar energy now.

Imagine a being that has no fear.

There is not one cell of its body that feels fear.

Just allow that for a moment.

Inhale and feel that. 

There is nothing dangerous to you, ever.

Just allow that for at least a moment, as you inhale to expand.

See the way she looks at you - she is inviting you to be like her - to be fearless. And when you are fearless you can accept what you could not before - you can accept that you are powerful and you are amazing!

Why You Can Accept You Are Amazing

There are many different reasons you are amazing.

At the level of biology alone what is happening is beyond our ability to fully take in.

I invite you here, in this space, to pause a moment. To suspend judgement of yourself and to really see.

To see that you have somewhere between 37 and 50 Trillion (yes, trillion - 37, 000, 000, 000, 000) cells in your body.

Approximately 330 Billion cells a day are dying and being replaced.

That’s a staggering 3.8 million cells being manufactured for every second of your life.

Then, the brain in your skull - this lump that looks something like a cross between coral and custard - is actually the most complex mechanism in the known universe. Its complexity and its computational power are unrivalled.

And that's you. You want to say you are your failures, your mistakes, your inadequacies and your imperfections. Even to define yourself by that time you f'd up the worst...

You and I both.

And yet, we are also amazing.

It's almost impossible to believe, but there is actually a way in which you are even more amazing than all of your astonishingly complex biology, and that is in the realm of the mind. A way in which you are more powerful, and more amazing, than you can dare to hope or even dream. Truly.

Did you know you are connected, always, to a limitless field of information that is across all of time and space?

That you can tap into the limitless potential of this field any time you desire, to produce amazing results in your life?

This is all explained fully in my ebook: 'Living Life from Love: Authentically living your heart's truth'. Here, I give just a taste.

I have included a link where you can download the ebook, at no cost, below.

You are Superconscious

The change in your life begins 

when you accept

how amazing you truly are

What does this mean?

It means when you accept you have a Superconscious nature, as well as a human nature, and when you accept that this means you are powerful - you are the one making the choices in your life, you are the one setting the focus and determining the result - when you accept all that, then you can begin to focus on what you really want (instead of what most people focus on, which is what they don't want).

That is the transition from power-less, from 'victim' to external circumstance, to power-full Superconscious creator.
An embodied, vital, alive Superconscious creator of your own destiny.

God did not give you a set of commands to follow to the letter, and only then to reach the promised land.

At least as I (and many others) see it, God gave you your nature as a creator, just as the Infinite Divine is a creator. And what you create is your destiny.

You are connected to the Infinite, because you are Superconscious. And you, like the Infinite, are a creator. It is your nature. To find what it is this lifetime you are here to express by means of your creations, that is your destiny.

When we look at the lives of two astonishing human beings - Gandhi and Mother Theresa - we can see that here were two imperfect souls, sometimes very human, who manifested their destiny. They were in touch with higher inspiration, and here, on-the-ground so to speak, they created.

They knew their own hearts, focused their will and brought into this world principles and organisations and life-changing works.
Touching the lives of millions in so doing.

You are no less amazing. You are no less connected to higher sources of inspiration and guidance and you are no less capable of making the choices so that you, too, can manifest, can make real here-and-now, your own destiny, your own heart's desire.

Please click the button below to download your free copy of 'Living Life from Love: Authentically living your heart's truth' and get started on your own journey of destiny... 

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